About Save the Sky River Coalition

We are a coalition of recreation groups, conservation groups and citizens who love the natural world and are working to protect and preserve the Skykomish River and its tributaries. Conservation Groups involved in this campaign include:

The South Fork of the Skykomish is currently endangered by a hydro power dam proposal from Snohomish County PUD which would forever alter the Skykomish River. The South Fork of the Skykomish River is on the State of Washington Scenic Rivers list, which strongly discourages hydro power development. The Skykomish River is recommended by the Forest Service for designation by Congress as a National Wild and Scenic River, which would prohibit hydro development. In addition, the Northwest Power and Conversation Council, established by Congress and funded by Bonneville Power, has designated the Skykomish as a Protected area from hydro power development. All these protections have been enacted for good reasons after extensive public, legislative and scientific input.

We seek to protect the Skykomish from the current hydro power dam proposal and provide long term protection of the Skykomish River and it tributaries by encouraging Congress to formally declare the Skykomish River a Federal Wild and Scenic River and to encourage the State of Washington to re-open public access at the Sunset Falls salmon facility owned by the State of Washington.

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