PUD needs to try listening

Posted by in Letters to the Editor | February 21, 2014

Published: Friday, February 21, 2014, 1:00 a.m.

In a recent Viewpoints guest commentary by Steve Klein, he characterized three opponents to the proposed dam on the Skykomish River. Years ago I worked with some of the bravest men our country has ever produced and I have never seen anyone minimize the efforts of hard working public servants like Sen. Kirk Pearson and others as Steve Klein has in relation to the SnoPUD hydroelectric project and damming of the Skykomish river. It is the sheer volume of complaints and objections by ratepayers that have continually been ignored or misrepresented or even intercepted by Mr. Klein that drove them to Sen. Pearson for protection.
I recently took a day off work to attend a bimonthly public meeting of the PUD Commissioners wherein I presented the real facts about our Canyon Falls community to what PUD has been saying and misrepresenting to both state and federal agencies. No matter what Mr. Klein and his “spin-doctors” publish, we, the Canyon Falls community at large as well as an increasing number of the informed public, do not support Snohomish PUD and their efforts to dam the Skykomish River and destroy two of the most beautiful, pristine waterfalls I have ever seen.
The PUD commissioners, though elected by the public, seem harder to get to than Osama bin Laden. Perhaps we need a platoon of SEAL Team Six to intercede on our behalf between Mr. Klein and the commissioners in order for our real and legitimate opposing concerns to be heard!
Jim Platt

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