Posted by in Letters to the Editor | July 26, 2012

Change needed to end dam plan

It’s obvious that the Snohomish County PUD Commissioners need to change, as they to continue to “study” destroying the Skykomish River by damming it.
Using outdated technology is due to Kathy Vaughn working for bond ratings vs. modern energy solutions with people in mind. This dam study has gone on since the 80’s and has already been rejected.Could it be that Vaughn and other “entrenched” commissioners who continue to state “we are only studying it” are just spinning their wheels, and wasting our energy dollars, to insure that the executives at SnoPUD keep their jobs by appearing to be working toward future energy solutions? Another costly three-year study on how to destroy the Skykomish with a dam will bring nothing new, as nothing about the Skykomish River at Sunset falls has changed since the studies began in the 1980s.Without term limits on commissioner positions, outdated ideas and wasteful spending on worthless studies will continue. Energy’s future should not include destruction of rare wild and scenic rivers within Snohomish County. Dams in Washington state are being removed at a cost of millions … how could any commissioner consider the study of the Sunset Falls Dam to be progress, when there are so many other options to produce more energy for less of our dollars, and less damage to our natural rivers and forests?

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